• The Art of Field and Stream

    It is with the deepest of enjoyment that this publication takes life. Though it is but one of many outlets for the writer, in the digital realm, this one is the heart and soul of the Ofieldstream dream. Art, nature, philosophy, social and educational conversations will be offered. It is the hope of the Author, that the readers, too will share in creating a meaningful conversation. Bring forth knowledge. Imbue understanding. Grow in wisdom.
    -les Ofieldstream
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The Rat Shack

In the midst of a fog shrouded water, sets a dead tree and a mound of dried grass. This is a ‘rat shack’. Otherwise known as a muskrat den.  The home and hearth of the common to nearly every pond in North America, fur-bearing mammal known as the muskrat. Or more scientifically as, Ondatra zibethicus.  … Continue reading