lesOfieldstream grew up in the country. Spending every waking moment of nearly every day wandering about the creek bottoms, hills, fields and ravines of the area.

That is… between the farm chores which come with a grain and multi-stock farm. Which means the gaps for weaving in the outdoor experience – on numerous occasions, required considerable connivery – and not a few nefarious – machinations of planning, to arrange.  Many of which earned stripes for the – much worth it – effort.

Tardiness and truancy are seriously frowned upon in farm life.  A lesson not wasted on lesOfieldstream.

Living on the edge of the woody hills and the grassy flats of the expansive prairie of western Hoosierland, lesOfieldstream developed a love for divergent geography.  Anyone who is condemned to live in a single geographic plane, is a sad lot for sure.

Spending the better part of 45 years immersed in all things graphic and design, lesOfieldstream combined the love for creativity and nature into what is presented here and across – many properties owned and affected – the wide open Internet of today.

The visual treat and the written imagination fuel lesOfieldstream daily.  Enjoy your read of the rambling, clicking, meandering, cogitations of lesOfieldstream – planted here for any – and every- one to enjoy.   Consume and Recycle.  When done with the sincerest expectation for the betterment of the recipients, in the form of educational information … everyone – and thing – benefits.

— les Ofieldstream


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