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Alphabetical List of those w/whom I have regular communication

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AlaskaGirlie [] WunderBlog Gallery North Pole, AK Lifelong resident of North Pole, AK;
Aquak9 [] WonderBlog Gallery Jacksonville, FL personal web site
AstroPhotographer [] WunderBlog Gallery New Zealand Radiologist w/keen interests in astrophotography, atmospherics and nature photography; personal web site
AzPoolDude [Robert?] WunderBlog Gallery Denver, CO Robert; moved from AZ to Denver; 2-cats (Bob & 99); hables espanol


BarnDweller [] WunderBlog Gallery East Jordan, MI Retired and loves to travel in the Great Lakes region ; personal web site
Bejo [] WunderBlog Gallery KY WUpix fan from Western Kentucky; personal web site
BigSkyPaddler [] WunderBlog Gallery Kalispell, MT First WUtog/blog I met; Montana stone mason w/love of photograhy; perrsonal web site
BirdPhotog [] WonderBlog Gallery Crawfordsville, IN Retired; lover of nature photography; focusing on Lye Creek Praire Burn (Montgomery Co., IN); Superb wildlife photography!; personal web site
BirdyBoo [] WonderBlog Gallery Chapel Hill, NC Passionate and sensitive NC photographer; beautiful photographs; personal web site


CanyonCougar [Merrell ?] WunderBlog Gallery Nampa, ID Merrell; super photos of Idaho!;
CarolinaGal [] WonderBlog Gallery SC personal web site
CBeachFan [] WonderBlog Gallery OR personal web site
Chantarelle [] WonderBlog Gallery Stockholm, Sweden personal web site
Chris [] WonderBlog Gallery San Francisco, CA Operations Director, Weather Underground; personal web site
CountryDreamin’ [] WunderBlog Gallery OH personal web site
CyberFarmer [] WonderBlog Gallery Ontario, Canada Farmer\firefighter in Southwestern Ontario Canada; personal web site


Damon85013 [Damon ] WonderBlog Gallery Phoenix, AZ Teacher (math); cool dude; friend to society!; recipient of cool Brofrog Grafx, too; personal web site; Damon passed away in early 2016 of cancer, sad loss for WUmems
Destiny [] WonderBlog Gallery Fairbanks, AK Interesting photos of COLD north; moved to AK from AR; knows Adela [Batin] Brown and Chris Batin; personal web site;
Dori [] WunderBlog Gallery WI Prolific backyard bird, animal, insect photographer; author of children’s books; very talented lady; personal web site
DoxieLover [Dale Stanton] WonderBlog Gallery Amarillo, TX Die-hard film photographer; Dale Stanton; personal web site
DsFoto [Deiter Schellen] WonderBlog Gallery CO Deiter Schellen; very accomplished photographer; personal web site


EarthlyDragonfly [] WunderBlog Gallery Winter Garden, FL Living on 3rd highest hill in FL; personal web site


FLClicker [] WonderBlog Gallery FL Retired, widow from MA; wonderfully sweet outdoorsy lady; personal web site
FLCrackerGirl [] WonderBlog Gallery Vero Beach, FL Wild’nZaney lady; great personality!; but come on FLCG, no pix!?! – you gotta get a camera; personal web site


Gary Lackie [] WunderBlog Gallery Anchorage, AK GREAT! Photos of wildlife in AK;
GRANDMANAN [] WunderBlog Gallery Canada personal web site


HighGround [Rod?] WunderBlog Gallery San Diego, CA Rod; man with a very interesting past!; personal web site
HurryCane [Brooke?] WunderBlog Gallery Gulfport, MS Real Name: Brooke; very good friend; model and entrepreneure; Hurrican Katrina survivor; personal web site


Imaris [] WonderBlog Gallery GA personal web site
InAZ4Fun [] WonderBlog Gallery AZ personal web site;
Innulv [] WonderBlog Gallery Latvia personal website


Jayne [] WunderBlog Gallery WI personal web site;
JDA [] WonderBlog Gallery MS personal website
Jeff Masters [] WonderBlog Gallery San Francisco, CA Meterologist w/WU; personal web site;
JimZee [] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website
JoeBloe [] WonderBlog Gallery CA personal web site;
John Gomes [John Gomes] WunderBlog Gallery Anchorage, AK John Gomes; personal web site;
Jupiler [] WonderBlog Gallery Belgium personal website


Karkonosze [] WonderBlog Gallery Poland personal website
KeyBoardJockey [] WonderBlog Gallery CO personal website
KimmyJo [] WonderBlog Gallery CA personal web site;
KittenGotClaws [] WonderBlog Gallery MO personal website
KokomoJim [] WunderBlog Gallery Kokomo, IN Bird photos; lives just a few blocks from Ed Hauser ; personal web site
Kossuth [] WonderBlog Gallery IA personal web site;


LakeWorthFinn [Lissu Passila] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website
LegalBean [] WonderBlog Gallery MT personal web site;
Leia [Leia Knight] WunderBlog Gallery Victorville, CA Leia Knight; superb photographs – desert, trains and scenery; personal web site;
Lemurian WonderBlog Gallery CA personal website
LynnMar WonderBlog Gallery MA personal web site;


MarcKeys [] WonderBlog Gallery FL CharterBoat Captain; personal web site;
Meander [] WonderBlog Gallery MN personal website
Minouchette [] WonderBlog Gallery Belgium personal website
MsPixi [] WunderBlog Gallery KY personal website


NatureGirl [] WonderBlog Gallery MO personal web site;
Njaal [] WunderBlog Gallery Norway A small cattle farmer living in the northwest of Norway; personal website


OGal [Sara Franklin Fetters] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website (Sara Franklin Fetters, now lives in Jackson, WY; lived in South Florida; husband is Steve.)
OneShotWW [Wanda Extrom] OneShot’s Musings Gallery New Symrna Beach, FL Wonderful shots and blogging of life on Florida’s east coast; personal web site;
OutRocket [] WonderBlog Gallery MS personal website


Pam’s Hubby [] WonderBlog Gallery Homer, AK personal web site; great shots of eagles!
PerfectTommy [] WonderBlog Gallery CO  (may be gone ?); personal website
PicOlio [] WonderBlog Gallery CO personal web site;
PixelMan [] WonderBlog Gallery NC personal web site;
PhotoAndy [] WunderBlog Gallery San Diego, CA Superb photo gallery; personal website


Rachulin [] WonderBlog Gallery Argentina personal website
RadioSmith [] WunderBlog Gallery UT Lives in southern UT; technology enthusiast; personal web site;
RebelShooter62 [] WonderBlog Gallery UT personal website
RevBe [] WunderBlog Gallery Lebanon, TN Wide variety of photos; good ones, too! ; personal website


Sadi791 [] WonderBlog Gallery TX personal web site;
SB [] WonderBlog Gallery Alberta, Canada personal web site;
SBKaren [] WonderBlog Gallery Seal Beach, CA personal website
Seflagamma [Patti Stribling Lauer] WonderBlog Gallery Ft. Lauderdale, FL personal website
ShebaJo [] WunderBlog Gallery Clifton, CO personal web site;
SheraQueenOfTheBeach [] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website
SocialWeatherMut [] WonderBlog Gallery CA personal website
StormyDee [] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website
Sunset Sailor [Laura Ragland] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website


Veracity [] WonderBlog Gallery England(UK) personal website
VisualPurple9 [] WonderBlog Gallery NC personal web site;


WanderingTexGrrl [Susan?] WunderBlog Gallery Allen, TX Susan; great photos of TX life and land; personal web site;
Webfeat [Steven Douglas] Former Member Gallery Amarillo, TX Steven Douglas; no longer a member of WU; B/W specialist, writer & Cert. StormChaser; personal web site;
WhiteWabbit [] WonderBlog Gallery IL personal website
WHO [] WonderBlog Gallery ID personal website
Willow 13 [Dorothy Carswell] WonderBlog Gallery FL personal website
WunderYakuza [Aaron ?] WonderBlog Gallery San Francisco, CA Technologist at WU; Aaron; personal web site;


ZeusAtOlympus [] WonderBlog Gallery WA personal website


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